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How We Survive

June 6, 2010

May was sexual violence prevention month at Carleton, with a lot of great events coordinated out of the GSC. The largest is the Speak Up, here’s a description from Paper and Clay:

The event involved students submitting written pieces about their experiences with sexual violence (with the option of submitting anonymously) and the pieces being read by students (some people read their own piece, some read anonymous submissions, some read submissions by students who didn’t feel comfortable reading their own piece).  It was extremely moving.  We had a much larger turn out this year than last, which really gives me hope about the number of Carleton students committed to ending sexual violence on our campus.

There was also an article about it in the Carletonian.

A group of my lovely, brave, inspirational friends also created a zine entitled “How we Survive”. Again, Paper and Clay’s description:

The zine we made to go along with the SpeakUp! is a book about the continuing process of survival at Carleton, made entirely by Carleton students/survivors.  We put a call out to all of our friends asking for tips about their process of survival, especially relating to being at Carleton.  The submissions we got back were really stellar and I think the finished product is really beautiful and powerful.

You can check it out in a number of ways:
The publications page How We Survive (Online Book)How We Survive (PDF)

I hope you are as inspired as I am by the work of these students. The prevalence of sexual assault, rape apology, and victim blaming can really tear us down. But knowing that there are others out there, struggling, surviving, helps us come together to heal as a community.

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  1. June 9, 2010 10:56 AM

    Thanks for posting this, Becky!

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