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Happy Bodies’ mission is to create spaces where we can talk about our bodies: what they look like, what they do, what we think about them – and we would love to hear new perspectives on our blog! Guest posters and contributors are always welcome, whether its musings about your own relationship with your body, or discussions of how our bodies relate to larger structures of health and positivity, discrimination, sexual violence, and power.

To submit or if you have any questions, email

Submissions can be sent either in the body of the email, or as a MS Word document, with proper citations. (If you don’t know html we are happy to format for you with links, videos, or images) Please include how you want to identify yourself, by name and brief bio, or if you want your post published anonymously. We don’t wish to edit any of your content, but may respond back with suggestions.

For Carleton students:

Join us every Friday at 5pm in Willis 205 for our discussion group! To see our past discussion topics, check out our weekly c’mon get happy posts. To get more involved in planning our campus activism, email finkj, nyhoffn, or rukajn.

Contribute to the Happy Bodies “When did you know?” series

We live in a society where people are heavily categorized, often to the detriment of understanding the people around us.  Labels can be both burdensome and liberating, but no experience is alike and we are so interested in how different people experience, adapt, identify with, embrace, abhor, internalize, preach, fear, and know what and who they are in relation to how they’re labeled.

When did you know you were a woman?  When did you know you were disabled? When did you know you were fat?  When did you know you had an eating disorder?  When did you know you were multiracial?  When did you know you were poor?  When did you know you were beautiful?  When did you know you were addicted?  When did you know you were privileged?

So, when did you know?

You can join this series by emailing your piece to or, or filling out the form here:  Anonymous submissions are always welcome.  To see all posts in the series, click here.

Writing about your body

We welcome any form of expression about your relationship with your body, but if you need some help getting started, here are some brainstorming questions:

What is your favorite Body part?
What part do/would you flaunt?
What part do you specifically check in the mirror?
Do you label anything on your body a “problem area”?

Can you think of a time when the way you viewed your body changed?

When are you most aware of your body?

Do you notice what body language you use in different situations?
Flirting? Professionally? Hanging out with your friends?

Do you workout? Why?

How have sexual encounters changed the way you view your body?

Have any comments about your body ever changed how you think about it?

How has the idea of virginity impacted how you view your body?

What do you think of depictions of “attractive” bodies in the media?
Does it impact how you view your body?
Is there a body type you aspire to?

How did you learn about your body growing up?
How did your family impact your body image?

How do you think others view your body?

How do the other aspects of your identity play out on how you view your body and how it is viewed?

How does the way you view your body change the way you view yourself as a person?

Check out some exemplary past submissions.

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  1. Lizbee Collins-Wildman permalink
    June 2, 2010 4:19 PM

    I just wanted to share the website of a friend of mine who is an artist. I really like her “naked lady” plates and cups which have colorful, fanciful drawings of smiling women who are happy in their own bodies.


  1. You Should Know :: Happy Bodies | Nourishing the Soul - A forum on body image and the effects of eating disorders

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