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The G-spot Orgasm

April 27, 2009

*** A quick note about why this post is here, because it’s not just about sex tips: I believe that EVERY body deserves pleasure, EVERY body deserves to know how to give them self pleasure, and NO body deserves to get pleasure at the expense of another body. As Lisa described in her post on masturbation, there are pervasive assumptions that women don’t masturbate, and that they should be ashamed of self-pleasure. We learn about masturbation through whispers and hearsay, and for many women it takes a lot of time before they are comfortable enough with their bodies and sexuality to allow themselves this pleasure they deserve. Promoting self pleasure and sex positivity has everything to do with sexual violence prevention. When women respect their bodies and refuse to feel ashamed of pleasure, it creates expectations about how our bodies should be treated. The communication of these expectations both in promoting body/sex positivity and living our lives respecting ourselves helps to counteract a culture of sexual violence permissibility.***

One of the goals, and for me a great experience, of this happy bodies project is speaking to those gaps in education about and discourse around our bodies; how they work, how they feel, what they look like. I’m have been impressed at the ease at which women on this campus, at least among friends, discuss pleasuring themselves. But speaking with a group of women today there was one area that a lot of us still seemed a little clueless about: the G-spot orgasm, and how to have one.

Most of the internet literature seems to be targeted towards men who want to make a woman orgasm, so here’s how to bring yourself to a G-spot orgasm. This information is heavily paraphrased from “Teach Yourself to Ejaculate” by Jenny Spray, whose website unfortunately seems to have gone under.

First of all, the female G-spot is located here:
G-spot in red.
and comes from the filling of erectile tissue around your urethra. Female ejaculation is the release of this clear fluid before or during orgasm.

– Release bladder before beginning, often g-spot stimulation gives the sensation that you need to pee, so going to the bathroom first will aleive fears that you’ll urinate rather than ejaculate.
– Put towels under yourself to that you will not hold back for fear of wetting the bed. Remember: sex is messy!
– Be prepared to take your time.

To achieve female ejaculation, Jenny Spray suggests that you masturbate as you usually do first. After orgasm, touch yourself again, becoming aware of your entire vulva, feel your vulva swelling, clitoral shaft becomeing erect, and the filling of erectile tissue around your urethra – that’s your G-spot!.

Slide your finger inside of you so that you’re pushing forward towards your belly button feeling the pad of smooth flesh between your vaginal opening and cervix. You can stimulate the G-spot by moving your fingers upward or forward, tapping, rubbing, just putting heavy pressure, whatever feels best for you. Flex your vaginal and PC muscles while continuing this motion. If the feeling gets uncomfortable or too intense, you can take breaks and masturbate as you usually do.

This stimulation will eventually bring you to release, along with a pleasurable sensation of orgasm. Jenny Spray reminds that it might take a little experimentation before ejaculation is acheived, so it make take a few times and a bit of effort – but it’s worth it!

Of course, G-spot orgasm and female ejaculation can also be acheived with a partner and with the help of sex toys. (Smitten Kitten has a whole section of toys specifically for G-spot stimulation)

Additionally, if you’re looking for some laughs, check out Wikipedia’s entry on the G-Spot, a “controversial term” about an area “said to be located” on the anterior wall of the vagina, a theory which relies too much on the “anecdotal evidence” of women.

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  1. Ashley permalink
    April 28, 2009 2:38 PM

    Ahhh, this is so lovely! I was actually thinking very similar thoughts the other day in Border’s when I saw a book called ‘Female Ejaculation’. And while I love that there is mounting information about ALL kinds of masturbation for women, I haven’t seen very much about achieving ejaculation through clitoral stimulation. This is how I mainly make myself squirt; over time, while honing the process of how to ejaculate and seeing if I can make myself ejaculate harder/farther, I’ve combined clitoral and G-spot stimulation while masturbating in preparation for a squirting orgasm but usually only ever ejaculate through prolonged, intense clitoral stimulation.

    Either way, however you make yourself come, it’s important to be good to your body and give it the pleasure it deserves.

  2. Angelor permalink
    November 6, 2012 11:47 PM

    The grafenberg spot, g-spot and squirting orgasms have been an integral part of sensuality for centuries around the world – except here in america.


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