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C’mon Get Happy: HB Link Love

January 13, 2012

I wanted to quick hits for all of these but I thought I would save you some time. Here are some people writing stellar things on the interwebs. Also, I’ve been using our twitter again to post links – come say hi – @happybodiesblog

  • This is the Size I Come in (Dances with Fat) : Eloquently & comprehensively taking on the “waaaaahhh but I have less room on the airplane” argument.
  • Radical Black Reading, 2011 (The Public Archive): Head over to the library, a lot of these look really good.
  • Being Mad on Twitter (Margaret Cho): Margaret Cho gets angry about fat-shaming and insulting comments on twitter, and I love it.
  • Women’s Work (Shakesville): On the Democratic Party assuming it has the women’s vote, and what it has done to reproductive rights in this country.
  • Fat-Positive Shopping Is About More Than Garments (this ain’t livin’): “Some stores only offer larger sizes online, for fear of having actual fat people in their storefront, which would of course upset the other customers. Finding environments that don’t just sell a wider range of sizes but actively welcome the people who wear them is rare and such spaces are to be treasured.”
  • ‘They’ is Me. (Ivan Coyote):  On the what should be a pretty easy thing to do: “Call us what we wish to be called.”
  • Did Abstinence-Only Ideology Create a Bully Generation? (RH Reality Check): A well researched article on how ab-only sex education creates a culture of bullying by relying on sexist stereotypes, espousing anti-lgbt views, and engaging in slut-shaming & victim-blaming.

And a little humor to end with:

Oh yeah, and let us know what you’ve been reading & writing this week – we’d love to hear from you!

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