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Quick hit: Do Nothing

November 29, 2011

Someone shared this site with me a few months ago and I visited it quite a lot since then.  It’s called Do Nothing for Two Minutes.  You go to the site, and you see a beautiful sunset and hear the sound of water on a beach (nature is so good at white noise!).  The site detects if you touch your keyboard or mouse, and resets the 2 minute timer if you do.

I try to visit the site once a day.  Even on the days when I am not experiencing a lot of stress, it’s still good to prioritize calming myself. It’s especially helpful when I am very stressed, as self-care often falls by the wayside.  If you like Do Nothing, you should definitely visit — a site that features looped video of calming scenes from nature.  There’s also, a site that has audio of rain that you can listen to alone or as a background to whatever else you’re listening to/watching.  You might be surprised at how much natural white noise and a beautiful visual can help calm and soothe your mind.

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  1. December 5, 2011 8:26 AM

    I (virtually) know the guy who set this up and I have to say the first time I checked it out I was really fidgety trying to not do anything for two minutes, but I agree it does have a very calming effect when you give into it!

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