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Fun With Search Terms

April 12, 2011
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People are looking for a lot of things on the internet. And a lot of those things are porn. As a blog that frequently writes about sex we get a unique window into what people are looking for online. The search terms that get people to Happy Bodies always include a hilarious mix of incredibly specific requests, unique fetsishes, and over-the-top misogyny. Here is a round up of how people found us lately:

People who actually probably found what they were looking for:
how do i make myself squirt while masterbating – The G-spot Orgasm
most attractive historical men – Hotties from History
happy nipples – Nipples.
sausage wallet meaning – I’m pretty sure I don’t have a fluffy sausage wallet between my legs.
vag slide – Body Positive Norway: Pubic Public Art
do u wanna see my dick? – No, I don’t want to see your dick. (This one comes up a lot, and I’m glad that we have a concise answer)

People who were probably disappointed:
penises and vaginas (or, at least, not enough)
sexy night texts
man carving turkey
misogyny is awesome
when it comes to sex use two condoms (No! Please don’t!)
being motorboated
running won’t fix your face
don’t smell like sunsets and baby powder. smell like jet fighters and punching (twice!)
orgasm from mipples
how to oral sex on women
how to sabotage birth control
“emily tragert” (never heard of her.)

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