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Quick Hit: “The Perfect Body”

March 11, 2011

From Sociological Images, Howard Schartz and Beverly Ornstein’s photographs of Olympian’s bodies. Olympic athletes have pushed their bodies to the limit, and attained near perfection in their field. It’s incredible to see what that looks like, and more importantly, how different that looks for each of these athletes.

We see such a diversity of bodies every day in our daily lives; yet I know I still need to be reminded that it’s okay to have my body look different from the women sitting next to me on the bus, or the model in the magazine, or the athlete on my tv screen. That not every body is just enough trips to the gym and dieting away from the same ideal. That my healthy body, my happy weight, my “I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now” is going to look different from everyone else’s. That it’s my own.

See more photos here.

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