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Guest Post: my body wisdom

March 11, 2011

Rachelle Lansky is a student at Metropolitan State College of Denver who studies Non-Profit Administration and Integrative Therapeutic Practices. She loves to blog about social activism, volunteering, music as well as nom out to tasty Chinese food and eat chocolate while having intellectual conversations.

this body woke me up
it helped me breathe
my source of control was but
mushy pears
this was the form of my body
its outer essence depleted

media catalyst who
painted me with hateful messages
my soul was like a broken canvas
the beauty became lost

why was I controlled by something I liked
then discovering no mental support
does she too hate her body?
genetics gave us our mold
why can’t I love mine?

the weight controlled the brightness
but no one needed, cared for her
thin mint
infused with sadness

hopeless she cried
looking through the glass
and careless she became

taking in and seeing something
eyes wide shut to a source of help.

I want to own my body
embrace its power
have my own molding
and never another one.

Eat what I want
feel what I want
give what I want,
and most of all love this beautiful curvy shape.

Writing this poem has given me strength to move forward from the time and place I was in. My grandmother has given me a lot of love, but creating a weight controlled monster,was most certainly not out of love. My body wisdom told me to express and create something that I could share with others, in the hopes of the realization of that wisdom and power that we have with our bodies. Self love has given me an outlet of positive body wisdom. I have been bellydancing for the past 3 years. This act increases both the awareness and the power that I control through the knowledge of knowing my feminine curves and owning, respecting and appreciating my lovely body. Giving my body a breath, and taking in what I know as real makes me feel a sense of healing, knowing that my body is all mine and so damn awesome.

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