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Huge: Episode 4

July 20, 2010

This week centered around a talent night and exposed some new love connections. For the viewer too. Because in case you didn’t already have a crush on Ian or Becca – their performances will make you lovesick.

So what did you think?

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  1. Norma permalink
    July 20, 2010 10:22 PM

    I loved Alistair saving his popover– I have been there with my dining hall cupcakes. You’ve gotta ration that shit.

    Also loved Will telling Amber and Chloe to “please skip the nightly who’s fatter contest”– ladies are constantly told to bond over hating our bodies and she just totally shut them down. Totally awesome, as was Becca in a righteous friend-fury protecting Will’s journal.

    Above all, I really love this show for mostly just being a teen drama that features fat people and fat issues instead of a fatsploitation nightmare (though of course, anything that’s not Dance Your Ass Off or The Biggest Loser starts to look pretty good after a while).

  2. Ashley permalink
    July 21, 2010 12:22 AM

    So, episode 4. Where we finally see Will’s walls start to crack a little. As I’ve said before, I don’t want to see Will’s assertive, cynical personality disappear completely as she goes through her development but I like how her vulnerability was represented in this episode. It’s something that I can deeply relate to; I know very well the panic-inducing fear experienced when you misplace a notebook or journal that is full of incredibly personal stuff that would be very painful or embarrassing for others to read. Her very emotional reaction at the end, after realizing that Ian had read part of her poem, was understandable if frustrating for the viewer. We don’t WANT her to be so angry at Ian, how could have known that it was hers or that it would hurt her so much, and SERIOUSLY WILL HE DIDN’T READ THAT MUCH. But I know that I would freak out if I were in Will’s position. I’m interested to see where this particular sub-plot with the journal (especially in regards to Becca who actually DID read it) will go.

    Amber. Oh, Amber. She has so little self-esteem. No voice. No way to speak up and disagree with things. When the tennis kids assumed that she was part of their camp, she went with it. When Chloe assumed that the blue camera was hers, she went with it. I think this aspect of her personality, this side of her that so willingly and easily follows what certain people do and say will become a major issue in coming episodes.

    I’m so torn about Becca in this episode. She was SO assertive in how she handled Chloe and Amber when she retrieved Will’s journal. But then she turned around and read it, deeply betraying Will (and because this is a teenage drama we all know that something like that doesn’t stay hidden). And her impromptu dance was AMAZING. I loved everything about the talent show in fact; it was very fun to see the kids doing things that were unrelated to their weight or weight loss and being good at them.

    I’m starting to like Dr. Rand more. She’s incredibly neurotic and is so easily shaken by the most unlikely things. She doesn’t like people questioning her or making her feel like she’s not doing her job properly. I wonder what kind of support meeting she was at; I’m guessing it’s a…former fat person support group type thing. We’ll see, I guess.

    I still have a super crush on Ian. Even more so now. There’s more I want to talk about, I know, I just can’t think of it right now.

  3. July 21, 2010 5:52 PM

    I can’t believe the online episodes still aren’t captioned. It actually makes me so mad! I have to watch each scene at least twice (not that I mind) to actually hear everything. I think it’s cool that the characters are more normal and have less than perfect diction, but I actually constantly struggle to understand what they’re saying! So much mumbling! It just seems to run counter to a lot of the good things the show does.

    Earlier in the show I had a crush on Ian, but now I am so into Piznarski.

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