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Weekend Fluff: Fat Humor

July 11, 2010

In one of my recent sojourns through the wide interwebs, I came across this post on about the travails of finding plus size clothing. (If you’re not familiar with Cracked, you should check it out, all their posts are pretty hilarious).

Now, there are two places to get larger-sized clothes. You can go to a store especially for plus-sizes, or you can look for a plus-sized section in a regular clothing store. Shopping in a specialized store has some pluses and minuses. The plus is that you have more selection. The minus is that someone might spot you shopping in a store for fat people and everyone would know you are fat. That is sort of irrational though, unless you normally interact with people from behind a machine like the Wizard of Oz.

And last but not least, there is “goddess size,” found at many fantasy-clothes, Wiccan-clothes and period-costume suppliers, which is so far past the line that I would actually be less embarrassed buying a dress sized “Oink.”

What I like about this post is that is written by a fat woman trying to find the humor in what is actually a pretty shitty situation. It manages to talk about fatties AND be funny AND not be offensive – no small feat. The author is making jokes that revolve around fat people, without making fatties the butt of the joke. It’s so refreshing to see something that’s not just “you is teh deathfatz – lulz!” because those “jokes” are just not funny. Pointing out something you find different/weird/undesirable about someone else’s body and laughing at it is not a joke. That’s called body shaming and being an unimaginative asshole. So thanks Christina H from Cracked for writing a piece with fat humor, instead of just fat jokes.

Where else have you found fat humor? Feel free to share fat humor links, jokes, etc in the comments.

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  1. July 12, 2010 1:50 AM

    Oh I love that, it is so refreshing to see actual fat HUMOR, without sinking to bashing! Thank you for this!

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