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Quick Hit: Conservative dress codes

July 10, 2010

I love dress codes.  I like the Jezebel dress code  series because they’re helpful and practical without being insulting and out of reach like just about everything I see in women’s magazines and makeover TV shows (no surprise there).  But mostly what I like is really, really absurd dress codes.  For my absolute favorite dress code, check out the unaccredited Bob Jones University located in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina.  Here are some highlights:

For Women:

  • Shorts are appropriate only inside the residence halls and fitness center.
  • Hairstyles should be neat, orderly, and feminine. Avoid cutting-edge fads and cuts so short that they take on a masculine look
  • Hose are to be worn whenever men students are required to wear a coat and tie (including Sunday morning worship services, recitals and productions after 6 p.m., Bible Conference and commencement activities).
  • All dresses, skirts, pants and shirts must be loose-fitting, having a minimum of three inches of ease at bust and hips.

Men have it a lot easier apparently:

  • Hats are not appropriate indoors except in the gym.
  • Solid-color jeans with a collared shirt are acceptable off campus and at sports events
  • Socks above the ankle are required

On Abercrombie and Fitch:

Abercrombie & Fitch and its subsidiary Hollister have shown an unusual degree of antagonism to the name of Christ and an unusual display of wickedness in their promotions. In protest, articles displaying their logos are not acceptable to be worn, carried, or displayed (even if covered or masked in some way).

In addition to their shocking and hilarious dress code, they have many many conduct restrictions that make attending this university seem far worse than living in the tiny town from Footloose:

Loyalty to Christ results in separated living. Dishonesty, lewdness, sensual behavior, adultery, homosexuality, sexual perversion of any kind, pornography, illegal use of drugs, and drunkenness all are clearly condemned by God’s Word and prohibited here. Further, we believe that biblical principles preclude gambling, dancing, and the beverage use of alcohol.

Yikes!  It definitely makes me glad that Carleton and the wider world generally aren’t this crazy (at least I hope so).  But wait, there’s more!  What if I want/need to work?

Students may work in town until 10:25 p.m. on weekdays and midnight on weekends. Freshmen must have a prayer captain, assistant prayer captain, or upperclassman with them. Sophomores and upperclassmen may work alone.

This is by no means exhaustive.  If you want a shock/laugh, I strongly suggest checking out their expectations for residential life, especially the section on what not to bring; and this bookplate from their library stating that although a book is in the library, it does not mean that BJU supports what it has to say.  Another fun fact: interracial dating was prohibited until 2000!  WHAT?!?  Anyways, I hope you enjoy all the beautiful and terrifying absurdity they have to offer.

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  1. July 10, 2010 8:41 PM

    Ouch, check out the history of BJU’s accreditation. It only got accreditation within the last decade & it’s still not exactly a mainstream organization.

    My job at work has a dress code… for me most of the time it’s fine but sometimes I get a hard time about my hair from one of my co-workers (too long…) It shouldn’t be a big deal though since I’m not doing anything where hair is an issue, like food prep or working with heavy machinery.

  2. Stephen Smith permalink
    July 10, 2010 11:35 PM

    For the most part, these dress code rules aren’t any more restrictive or bizarre that what you would find at a typical Catholic high school. I guess the oddness kicks in because these are college age young people we’re talking about. Well, to each their own. If the students there like and agree with these rules, then that’s their business. Would hate to think that some of them might be forced to be there because of parental wishes or something, and actually detest this dress code (and the behavioral code, don’t forget).

  3. Ruthie G permalink
    July 12, 2010 4:26 PM

    If you click around it gives you the information on societies-names, bible passages (which quite amused me) and mottos. The men’s societies mottos are generally about fighting and have loads of references to being “God’s soldiers”, while the women’s societies are all about being meek and servants. ‘Cos that’s really subtle.

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