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Bodies everywhere!

June 30, 2010

I am thrilled about two exciting updates about publications relating to bodies!

The first update is that the Carleton Gender and Sexuality Center’s latest publication has finally hit the information superhighway! From the GSC publications website:

Our bodies are sites of pleasure, pain, gender, sexuality, joy, shame, and celebration. Our new publication wants to navigate our relationships with our bodies. We want to explore subjects like body positivity, health and illness, fat acceptance, sex, ability, sexual violence, modification, and any other way society shapes the way we view bodies.

It is a really beautiful book made entirely of contributions from the Carleton community.  People contributed poetry, written pieces (like Too Much which was shared here on Happy Bodies, and Who’s Hot, and What Does That Make You? on Mike’s blog), drawings and prints (including my print I used to be a morning person and now I have narcolepsy), and editing and design talents to create a wonderfully cohesive book about so many facets of our bodies. What I most love about Bodies is the honesty with which people approached their pieces. Talking about your own body or your experience with your body can be really emotional, and I am so impressed and moved by every piece I read and saw.

I highly recommend reading it here:
Bodies (Online Book) | Bodies (PDF)

The second update came to me when I was reading the Variety section of the Star Tribune this morning. If there wasn’t the word “naked” in the title of the article, I would probably have skipped right over it en route to the cryptoquip. The article, “The Naked Truth” originally published in the Chicago Tribune, was about a resurrected publication at the University of Chicago. The magazine, called Vita Excolatur, artfully depicts photos of nude students and serves as a vehicle for discussions of sex and sexuality, poetry, and creative writing. From the Vita Excolatur blog:

In an appropriately loose translation, the Latin phrase “vita excolatur” means “the life well lived”. It also moonlights as the title of a sex & sexuality magazine produced by students at the University of Chicago. This publication includes adult content. In fact, that’s pretty much the point.

Being a student of latin, my first thought when I read the article was gaudeamus igitur (which means lets rejoice). The publication apparently had a rocky past and had aroused a lot of controversy at the university, but a few dedicated students fought to get funding and bring it back. It sounds like a really rad publication and I really hope they continue to get funding and keep being awesome.

Unfortunately but understandably, no issues of VE are available online, but hopefully sales of old issues might start again through their blog.

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