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Quick Hit: The Broken Light

June 1, 2010

For those of us out there who are history nerds (Check!), into the world of webcomics (Also Check!),  and/or the development of civil rights in the United States during a turbulent period of history (Check Again!), I think this comic might be worth a visit.

It’s called The Broken Light, and it’s just starting up – only a 9 page archive, which is just enough to garner interest, but only takes 5 minutes to read!  It opens with a woman going to speak about women’s rights at a men’s convention during the Civil War Era.  The art is striking – reds and blacks with a beautiful drawing technique that seems appropriate for the violent and divided time period, and the premise intriguing.  Definitely worth a bookmark to keep track of as it develops.

If you like historical comics like that, then possibly check out:

Machiavelli – Also beautiful, tells the story of the infamous political philosopher in 15th century Italy.  Different art style, but still beautiful.  More of an archive to sink your teeth into (but not TOO intimidating!).

The Battle of Dovecote Crest – Set in contemporary times, but occurs at a Civil War Battle re-enactment museum.  I cannot describe how beautiful the art is, and the story is fun so far – ghosts, battle re-enactment jokes, history, and pretty cute romances.

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