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Friday Body Positive Dancing!

May 7, 2010
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Sociological Images recently wrote about degendering danceand how “how dancing doesn’t have to be sexualized or gendered by movement.” They provided this example, “Tightrope” by Janelle Monae, which I love:

This music video shows how highly skilled and technical dancing does not have to sexualized or gendered (not that it isn’t sexy), but this new video by Hanson (Yes, Hanson) shows how degendered and desexualized dance is available to everyone regardless of skill. Its very influenced by the Blues Brothers, but I’m still pretty excited about the variety of bodies represented:

(You can learn the dance too!)

One commenter on the SocImages post commented that,

from a dance perspective, the moves in Janelle’s video are without gender assignment, but there is an expectation that one’s gendered identity will be, must be, expressed through the execution of the moves.

I think she might have meant that as a critique, but I think that’s pretty cool. Our gender identities and sexuality should not have to absent from our dancing, only that they shouldn’t be proscribed.

Dance away!

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