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Quick hit: Fat is contagious

April 14, 2010
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No, dear readers, it is not another one of those bogus studies about how you can catch TEH DEATH FATZ from the unsuspecting fatty who sits next to you in class. Instead, it’s a whole freakin’ pot of awesome.

First, Snarky’s Machine at Shakesville’s got you covered for all your unwanted interaction avoidance needs. She also coined the term SAU (social attention unit). If you’re like me and have some true life experience with people who apparently cannot contain themselves and must speak to you about that tree outside, what book you’re reading, or where Obama’s house is (yes, this happens to me at least once a week), this advice is indispensable and hilarious.

Via commenter mh on said post, we’ve also got a hilarious essay about a fat woman who does a little experiment, covering whatever she’s currently reading with a fake book jacket for the OMG INSTANT CLASSIC Fat is Contagious, How Sitting Next to a Fat Person Can Make You Fat by Kimberly Cox, PhD. This experiment has basically hilarious results, though beware some body shaming (of a non-fat person) toward the end.

What cover would you make? I think mine would say, Obama’s House: Six Blocks North and Three Blocks West.

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