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Things that CNN apparently think are important

April 12, 2010

Hugh Hefner does not want to see Kate Gosselin naked. Yes, on actual, real-life CNN’s website, this article is a thing in the world.

Kate Gosselin has had some tough blows this year and Hugh Hefner has dealt her another one. […] He explained, “I don’t think she’s a celebrity.” That’s the second Gosselin rejected from the porno business. It has gotta hurt to hear that no one wants to check out your goody basket.

Nope. No. Not even a little bit. WHERE IS MY STOP IT STAMP.

Stop it. Stop it, CNN, calling it “entertainment” to ask a man to rate the attractiveness of women and publish his answers. Stop it, Hugh Hefner, acting like anyone in the world should give a shit who you think should be naked. And stop it, Patriarchy, for making this a thing that can happen. Stop. It.

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