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April 6, 2010

Our first real posts were added a year ago today! On April 6, 2009 we wrote about breasts and teeth, an incredibly auspicious start, if you ask me. Our Top posts from this past year include:

Kate Harding, queen of the fat-o-sphere by Emily
Playing the Buffoon by Lisa
Dr. Regina Benjamin too fat to _____? by Becky
Kirstie Alley Fat Again by Lisa
Gender in the classroom by Becky
Maintaining your body for sexual appeal: Now for Men! by Becky
Very Young Girls by Lisa
Nipples. by Katie
I’m pretty sure I don’t have a fluffy sausage wallet between my legs by Becky
oh HELL no (Part II) by Nko
Fighting Unwanted Attention by Norma
Quick hit: Porn for Women by Jill

I personally, and am so happy and so proud to be a part of this blog! Right now we are at 49,409 views, meaning we’ve reached out to almost 50,000 people in the past year! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Happy Bodies! Thanks everyone for your incredible contributions whether you’re an author, guestblogger, commenter, or reader – I’m so proud of this community!

Leave any comments you have about your favorite posts, comments, etc. over the past year!

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