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April 5, 2010

Last month, Nko noticed a mug that announced “even just a taste is bound to go to waist.” Messages about body size are hidden everywhere, even in places you might never expect it. Today I was confronted with this ad trying to sell me financial advice: Bigger is better when it comes to your credit score” featuring numbers on a scale increasing in a way we are supposed to obviously fear.

And it sucks. Because as I much as I grow to love my body, there are infinite weight loss ads/tv shows/books/etc. telling me that big is not beautiful. And now I have my bank on my ass to lose weight? I think it’s kind of a disgusting message that everyone is trying to lose weight, and the numbers going up on the scale is inherently negative. There are so many people struggling with eating disorders or who feel shamed for being too thin, who might like to see the numbers on the scale increase. With every comment like “No woman wants her butt to look bigger” (heard on Project Runway) or “everyone has those extra few pounds they want to lose” (weight loss ads everywhere) we are both denying the beauty of bigger bodies and the womanhood or existence of people who are shamed for being thin or struggle to gain weight.

It’s those insidious little message day in and day out that exacerbate our own feelings of body negativity and continue a cycle where we can somehow believe that it’s normal to hate our bodies and think they need to be improved.

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  1. April 5, 2010 10:32 PM

    I was thinking the same thing yesterday: I used to like to use a on line dictionary and to play on line games. Both of them are now with a box offering to measure your BMI. It’s not a popup, if it was I could get rid of it, it’s a damm box hanging there, looking at me, reminding me how “wrong” my existence is.

    I find it intrusive that in relatively safe places like those I mentioned we are forced to deal with fat talk.

    The problem is that I’m fat and I’m having a hard time learning to love myself and this kind of message triggers a lot of self esteem issues for me and I can imagine for a lot of people.

    And I usually don’t go to places that I know gonna hurt, but even in enviroments that have nothing to do with body issues are also advertising this kind of thing.
    C’mon, isn’t there a safe place to go anymore?
    I know that avoiding triggers and dealing with them is my responsability, but I think is really, really intrusive.

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