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serious about dancing

March 30, 2010

Adam, a friend of Happy Bodies, writes about how dancing makes him feel about his body.

i love club dancing. being in the club is all about freeing your body, letting the tension of everyday life fall away, and just moving the way your body takes you. pay your entrance, and you can spend a whole night just being you. no judgement.

for me, dancing is a chance to remind myself that a lot of who i am is a big hunk of body. i feel the mental release that comes from physical release, and i remember that my mind, body and soul aren’t divided. far from it. they’re dependently and desperately in love with each other, to have and to hold through thick and thin, til death do they part!! (glory be.)

i think there’s nothing more beautiful than bodies rejoicing in themselves through dance. can i show you what i mean? this is club dancing in all of its freedom, diversity, and beauty.

now that’s love!! makes me wanna dance. the more i move with body, the more i love being part of it. i think this can be true for anyone …don’t take my word for it!!

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  1. April 1, 2010 9:05 AM

    Hey Adam,
    Thanks for posting, that video is incredible!!

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