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Proudly African & Transgender

March 22, 2010

(via Incite!) Amnesty International features the Proudly African and Transgender exhibition by Gabrielle Le Roux. Le Roux drew portraits of trans activists from Zimbabwe, Uganda, South Africa, Namibia, Kenya, Burundi and Botswana, and each activist wrote on their own portraits, as well as stories about their lives which can be found here.


As Amnesty International writes, these portraits make a politcal statement about human rights within a particular context of African history,

As the world awaits the outcome of debates on the proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda, and human rights groups challenge rights violations of LGBTI Africans elsewhere on the continent, Amnesty International NL exhibits a cultural intervention for social justice: portraits and narratives of ten transgender African human rights defenders.

Desmond Tutu also recently spoke up about LGBT experiences in Africa, particulary referencing Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill and the spread of HIV/AIDS.

These are terrible backward steps for human rights in Africa. Our lesbian and gay brothers and sisters across Africa are living in fear.

And they are living in hiding — away from care, away from the protection the state should offer to every citizen and away from health care in the AIDS era, when all of us, especially Africans, need access to essential HIV services. That this pandering to intolerance is being done by politicians looking for scapegoats for their failures is not surprising. But it is a great wrong.

Check out all of the portraits here.

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