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On a personal note…

March 3, 2010
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So, over winter break I lobbied against Stupak in D.C. with this absolutely incredible Atlanta-based group called SPARK: Reproductive Justice NOW!

Now, this is relevant because, as many of you probably already know, some anti-choice groups have put up some crazy-offensive billboards in Atlanta that tell us “Black children are an endangered species”.

This campaign is wrong on so many levels.  It implies that black women shouldn’t have agency over their own bodies, that black women who choose to have an abortion are perpetrators of genocide, that black people are a separate species, that black children are animals, etc.  In short, it’s gross.  The specifics of this case in particular and the anti-choice idea of  ‘birth control as genocide’ have been covered really well throughout the blogosphere. Specifically on, RH Reality Check, Feministing, and Safe and Legal in Ireland.

My point is, do a girl a favor and head over to SPARK’s website and take a quick look at this post.

If you take two minutes, you can help get these god-awful billboards taken down; just copy and paste SPARK’s prepared statement into your email service and send it off to the CBS Outdoor heads’ email addresses provided on the site; it’s a really easy way to contribute to the cause.

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