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Mugs and Mixed Messages.

March 3, 2010

I am at work right now (it’s a very taxing job, as you can see).

The mug holding the dry erase markers has a picture of a very adorable pig on it, complete with rosy cheeks and a smile.

But the text on the mug reads:

Even just a taste is bound to go to waist.

Did MeMe Roth come up with this design?

I really do not like this fat-shaming diet culture. And I especially do not like when it  so pervades our lives that it makes its way to our small details. Like our coffee mugs.

And contrary to what society and this mug would have us believe, pigs are actually very intelligent animals, in addition to being clean and friendly. So, cute, smart, clean and friendly? I could think of worse things to be compared to.

Keep doing your thing, little piggys. You look just fine to me.

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