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More Reasons to Love Crystal Renn and Marianne Kirby (and Hate MeMe Roth)

February 28, 2010

Nightline has a recurring series called “Face-Off” in which they bring together experts on a controversial topic and let them go at it. If you’ve been around the FA and feminist blogospheres this week, you probably know that the most recent Face-Off was about fat. Specifically, the central question was “Is it OK to be fat”.*

On the fat acceptance side of the ring we have Marianne Kirby, coauthor (along with Kate Harding) of Lessons from the Fat-o-sphere, and Crystal Renn, a model who has made it in the plus-size industry after suffering from anorexia while working as a straight-size model.

On the fat-shaming, “we can all starve ourselves thin” side, MeMe Roth (who else?) and some schmuck named Kim Bensen who lost weight and wrote a book about it.

The exchanges were pretty predictable, as in, I agreed with everything that Marianne and Crystal said. I occasionally agreed with Kim Benson (or could at least see some of her points), and I wanted to gag and eat piece of cake every time MeMe opened her mouth (which was a lot).

On the plus side (no pun intended, ok, maybe pun intended), the audience seemed to be mostly on the FA side and attacked MeMe pretty hard core when they got to ask questions. Other best moments mainly included Crystal Renn’s death stares at MeMe (she has this great look that is a perfect mixture of anger, disgust, and WFT?!?!). Oh yeah, and when MeMe says something to the effect of “thank goodness the modeling industry isn’t into the waif look right now”…. to a model who almost killed herself trying to be small enough for her industry. Yeah MeMe, good thing fashion isn’t into super-thin models right now…

*Warning: Meme Roth may use up a lot of your daily Sanity Watchers points.

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