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C’mon get happy: Girl Power and Consumerism

February 24, 2010

Every week the happy bodies team gets together to plan our on-campus activism. We also advertise for our weekly discussion group by cutting out ads and commenting on them – it’s both cathartic and illuminating. Here are some of our favorite ads from this week:





This week’s discussion group will be part of WHOA’s larger Environmental Justice Week. Women in the Global South are hit hardest by climate change, and climate change is a feminist issue. We’ll explore how our behaviors and the social constructions around them affect women globally. Our topic will be “Girl Power and Consumerism: Buying our empowerment at the expense of women globally”. We’ll think about how our gender identities shape our decisions and pressures as consumers. I think there is SO much to say here, so I’m excited talk to you friday! Or as always, leave your thoughts in the comments.

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