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Quick hit: Does Tiger Woods Owe You an Apology?

February 22, 2010

Via postbourgie:

As a slightly more substantive comment, what are we supposed to do with celebrity sex scandals? What is Tiger Woods apologizing to me for? I know my grandma’s pretty pissed, and I’m in general not a huge fan of breaking crucial agreements with the people you’re close to (such as, by cheating on a spouse). But what did Tiger do to me? What does my absolution have to do with anything?

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  1. Lisa permalink
    February 22, 2010 8:35 AM

    Yes! I’m so sick of celebrity scandals. What Tiger did is between himself, his wife, and the other women he was involved with. Same goes for Bill Clinton. We all have our vices, who are we to judge someone we don’t even know for a situation we don’t fully understand?

  2. February 22, 2010 1:06 PM

    When I heard about it I thought about Bill Clinton’s scandal.
    In both cases it’s a matter of their personal life and their strugles.
    If Tiger wanted to come public its his choice but I was really shocked with all the apologies. We are not focusing in his skills as and atlethe. I think this whole apologie thing is something that comes out of guit and shame, but it’s personal and besides the people that are involved what do we have to do with it?
    The whole apology thing reminds me when Oprah shamed herself in public for regainig the weight she had lost and some more. It’s none of our businness and she should be the first one to say it.

    • Lisa permalink
      February 23, 2010 5:37 PM

      You’re so right about the Oprah connection. Her weight isn’t anyone’s business but hers, and she certainly does not need to apologize to her fans for gaining weight.

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