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Looking for a bathing suit?

February 22, 2010

As spring approaches (there is hope! I think I saw some grass peeking out from under the snow yesterday!), more and more people seem to be finding Happy Bodies while searching for bathing suits. Recent search terms include “2010 bathing suits”, “before after bathing suit” and “swimming suit with sleeves”. (There are also a large number of people finding Lisa’s post with the search term “bathing suit fail”. To these people, I say, “Knock it off.”)

Anyway, for those who find us in their search for a bathing suit, I would like to repost this wonderful piece from Shapely Prose, “28 Days to a Bikini Mind”.

If you’re a one-piece kind of woman hankering for a bikini-ready body, I’ve got news for you: EVERY body is bikini ready! Got tits of some sort? Got a crotch to cover? That’s what a bikini is for! When fashion magazines talk about “a bikini body”, they’re just selling you more insecurity. If you want to wear a bikini, all you need is a Bikini Mind.

That’s right folks! If you want to, you can rock a bikini RIGHT NOW. You don’t have to have a certain figure, you don’t have to obsessively tone those “problem areas”, you don’t have to go on a crash diet. Because feeling confident and sexy enough to wear a bikini (or a bathing suit of any type) is all in your head. With steps like the “Mirror gaze with self-touch”, “The Self-Aware Sit” and “Public (in)decency”, this post helps “target your self-loathing, fear of being judged, internalized fat-phobia, and impossible standards of physical ‘perfection’ enforced by the beauty industry.”

So, to all the bathing suit searchers out there: good luck! Have fun! And remember, wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident, sexy and beautiful, whether that’s a bikini or not.

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