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Sarah Silverman on humor, fat, politics.

February 20, 2010

I think it’s perfectly fair to be offended by some of the jokes Sarah Silverman tells. She particularly doesn’t have a great record with jokes about sexual violence and disability, but in general I really respect her as a comedian. And as a woman navigating the world of comedy. In this interview she talks a lot about the role of humor and what she finds offensive: (sorry, embedding is disabled)

What I though was particularly interesting were the hard lines she took on fat jokes about women, and same-sex marriage. She compares getting married today to joining a segregated country-club in the 1960’s. “Anyone who considers themselves for equal rights — to get married right now, seems very odd to me.” Another area where she doesn’t feel like she should participate is fat-shaming. Of all the offensive jokes she tells, she says she doesn’t like jokes about fat women:

Because I feel that we live in a society where fat men deserve love, and fat women do not deserve love — at least in white America. And so I feel like that’s an ugly thing, and it doesn’t make me laugh

Pretty cool, Sarah.

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