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oh HELL no (Part II)

February 17, 2010

I’m kind of a big fan of Carrie Underwood. I’m an ex-American Idol junkie, but I always enjoy rocking out to Carrie’s songs, and I generally appreciate that she seems to distance herself from the pop culture I can only describe as “little women-big hangbags-small dogs” that I love to hate (and hate to love).

But my girl Carrie let me down recently.

How? This quote, while I was perusing Perez Hilton ( the epitome of my love-hate relationship) burst a couple of my Carrie shaped bubbles.

“Nobody would’ve looked at me twice if it weren’t for IDOL. Back then, I was 20 pounds heavier and literally fresh off the farm.”

What about this makes me let out a big ol’ OH HELL NO?

-Point 1. Women being apologetic for their weight. As if it is something they owe the public an apology for.

-Her singing ability and talent is not inversely correlated with her weight. Just because she is 20 lbs skinnier  does not mean she is any better of a singer. It’s representative of that attitude that seems to surround weight loss and dieting : the if-then mentality.  “If I lose _ lbs, then i will be a BETTER/HOTTER/MORE WORTHY (insert noun here).”

-Point 3: I didn’t even realize the girl could lose 20 lbs. She looked just fine to me.

-Point4.Does this statement, as much as it irks me, represent some truth in the way our society works? An equally beautiful girl, minus _ lbs, will get the attention, the contracts, the time of  day while the “heavier” one will just be swept aside? But Carrie won Idol, signed those contracts, and continued on to a successful career, all while at that “undesirable” size.

Which brings me to..

-Point 5.  The ease with which we accepts the less weight= more worth, despite personal evidence to the contrary. Where’s our righteously angry, headlight smashing girl who does not allow people to treat her with less respect than she deserves? Where’s the louisville slugger who asserts herself?

Come on, Carrie. You are better than that statement.

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  1. Laura permalink
    February 18, 2010 1:12 PM

    Way to bring that up. We need to always remind ourselves of these omnipresent assumptions, because they’re total shit.

  2. February 19, 2010 11:03 AM

    There’s another Idol performer, Kelly Clarkson, that is indeed heavier. She has an incredible talent and it has nothing to do with having extra pounds or being thin.
    Last year she covered a magazine that used photoshop to create a “better” version of her.
    She is not as apollogetic as Carrie about her weight, but she doesn’t seem quite as confortable either.
    She’s an amazing singer and her efforts should be in the direction of exploring her talents and being happy instead of being chased around for her body shape.
    This is really cruel: it doesn’t matter if you’re are outstanding as a singer like Kelly and Carrie , thinness is the most important sign of success and personal value in our society. That’s why blogs like yours are so important.

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