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The Shrine is Not of Our Making

February 8, 2010

Excerpted from an astoundingly eloquent and resonant post about disability at racialicious. Read the whole post. No, really, it’s worth it.

I believe we all succumb to societal orthodoxies in some way, because the procurement of favor demands it and it allows us to live without troublesome confusion. But for many of us, orthodoxies become a memorial, a shine at which we pray and to which we cling, all the while privately acknowledging that the shrine is not of our making, not to our liking and that it segregates and kills us very casually, very privately and very slowly. This photo helped free me from my denial.

This particular quote stood out to me as something that we all do, whether it relates to disability, gender presentation, food habits or any other aspect of our lives. I think we’ve hit on this idea during discussion group, but I’ve never seen it expressed so powerfully and truthfully.

Which societal shrines do you worship at and why? Which shrines have you abandoned? What can we do to help free ourselves from our denials?

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