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Best. Crafting. Site. EVER.

January 29, 2010

So I’m kind of into crafting. Mostly knitting and cutesy projects to do with elementary school kids. But I also love craft stores because everything is so useful and full of promise and inspiration for projects (I also love hardware stores for this reason, Menards=heaven).

But I just found the Best. Crafting. Site. Ever. Tampon crafts dot com.

And they just made one of these:
A picture of a fake Apple brand iPad, made entirely out of tampons and paint.

Yes dear readers, that’s an iTampon. Anyone want to have a tampon crafting party soon?

Also: Tampon flute.

I’m sure this is what Beethoven had in mind when he composed Ode to Joy.

Bonus points: the poem An die Freude (Ode to Joy) which Beethoven set to music, was written by none other than Friedrich Schiller. Do you think we could play the Carleton Alma Mater on it? Ah, the interwebs, how I love you.

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