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Check it Out: Beyond the Birds and the Bees.

January 26, 2010

I don’t know about you, but learning about sex, anatomy, and sexuality was a bit of a wonky experience growing up. For me it felt like this process of hearsay and guessing and constant search for verification from a reliable source. You get so much weird and conflicting information that it’s kind of hard to piece through. Sex education is SO IMPORTANT for us to live happy healthy lives free of violence and full of pleasure. Our experiences of sex education, however, are often very diverse. Beyond the Birds and the Bees collects these stories and shares them. There’s also great stories from parents about teaching their kids about sex. Check it out!

If you’re interested in sharing your own, here’s the questions they give to start you off:

* What names did your parents teach you for body parts?
* How did your parents address privacy, boundaries and respect for the body?
* At what age did you learn about reproduction? What were your thoughts on the subject?
* How did your parents share their concepts of sexual morality and ethics with you?
Have their teachings been meaningful in your adult life?
* Was sexuality presented as something pleasurable? Dangerous? Necessary? Sinful?
How have these ideas shaped your current sexual life?
* Were you educated about masturbation? What judgments did your parents show about your teenage sexuality?
* What information did you learn from peers and then ask your parents to clarify?
How did they respond?
* How did your family’s religious heritage affect their teaching of sexuality information?
* Did you deal with abuse in your family of origin? How was this handled?
How has it shaped your adult sexuality?

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