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Quick Hit: Top 50 of life’s pleasures mostly about taking care of your body.

January 10, 2010

Telegraph polled brits to find life’s 50 greatest little pleasures. Number one? A good nights sleep.

Other bodily pleasures?

3.Cuddling up with a partner in bed
4.Crying with laughter
5.Having a lie-in
6.Sleeping in newly laundered bedding
11.Eating a Sunday roast with your family
13.Curling up on the sofa with a good book and a hot drink or soup
15.Breakfast in bed
19.Eating a takeaway
24.Having a massage
26.Playing in snow
30.A pampering session at home
39.Your mum’s cooking
42.Drinking a cold beer after work
47.The cold side of the pillow

mmmm…. My body would love a lot of these pleasures right now. It’s also great how they far outnumber the “pleasure” of losing weight:

14.Discovering you’ve lost a few pounds
37.Fitting into an old pair of jeans again after losing some weight

How about if we start just treating our bodies right, so that a good night’s sleep and eating what we want to feel good isn’t a little pleasure, but something we feel we deserve?

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