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Quick hit: Like an electric shock

November 12, 2009

History is full of ridiculous things people used to change the shape of their bodies. Tapeworms, corsets, vibrating belts. Now, we mostly think of those things as quaint and goofy, although many of them had lasting harmful effects on those who used them.

I came across a news story about an in-development device for weight loss:

EnteroMedics is developing an implantable device intended to combat obesity by using electrical energy to block nerve signals that affect perceptions of hunger and fullness.
Let’s think about that for a minute. An electrical current to stop you from being hungry. Let’s rewire your brain so you don’t want to eat. Is it really worth it? The ideal of a smaller body is worth overriding our bodies’ messages to us about what we want and need. Really?d

Maybe one day we’ll think of things like this as quaint and goofy, too.

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