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Flat out not okay

November 12, 2009

Sometimes, jokes are funny. Sometimes not.

A courts watchdog group is calling for the resignation of Hennepin County [MN] Judge Stephen Aldrich, claiming he has failed to curb inappropriate messages to people who appear before him in court, including a recent joke about marriage that mentions murder, at a hearing over a woman’s restraining order against her husband.

On Oct. 21, during a hearing to update an order for protection taken out by the woman, the watchdog group WATCH claims that Aldrich said: “I’ve been married 45 years. We’ve never considered divorce; a few times murder maybe.”

Quick recap: at a hearing for a woman who is trying to get a restraining order against her husband, the judge jokes about wanting to murder his wife. Ha ha, I get it, because her husband might actually want to murder her! I see what you did there! The humorz, you has them! Except, no.

Context, people! Why is this so hard to manage?

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