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Update: The Body Issue

October 8, 2009

As I wrote about a couple of days ago, ESPN Magazine is putting together a Body Issue to celebrate the power, skill, and elegance of the bodies of several athletes. I was holding off total judgment until I could see the images, and here they are! (Thanks to the boyfriend’s attention!)

For me, these images are very empowering, even though almost none of them look anything like me. I appreciate that there is a variety of bodies, men and women, people of different races, many different body types. Even more, though, I appreciate that, while these photos are obviously depicting attractive individuals, they’re not depicting bodies that are there only there to be viewed and objectified. These pictures show people of strength, whose bodies we are meant to appreciate, not just consume.

Take a look. What you do think?

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  1. cellardoor10 permalink
    October 10, 2009 6:33 AM

    I was apprehensive at first … what if all the women were shown in sexy poses, while the men were in functional, sports-related poses, etc? Having looked at them, I’m pretty impressed. The men have a bit more physical variety, but the female shot-putter and Serena Williams both add some variety to the women’s bodies. In addition, while no one is over 40 (and since there are not that many Olympic level athletes that old, it kind of makes sense), they’re not all 21, either.

    In addition, I love the analysis of why they do well. All the reasons we are supposed to like their bodies are because they work really hard, are good at what they do, and in the case of the female surfer – aren’t actually working out in gyms but were just born that way. There’s a reverence for the body’s form and function that’s very clear in this article.

    I generally think it’s really positive, although the women are more often shown full-bodied, unlike the men, but that doesn’t detract from the overall effect, I think.

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