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Just a man and his cigar.

September 17, 2009

Via Jezebel

Davidoff Cigars have a new ad campaign, “Every man has a D-spot“, featuring O-faces.

While it’s certainly not new to see male orgasm faces, they’re normally there for laughs, (think: Jizz in my Pants, American Pie, Twilight, etc.) But these are men in the throes of pleasure, supposed to be taken seriously. It’s the subject of the ad, because this sort of pleasure is not a joke, but a goal.

Now, I would argue that half of advertising is selling the male orgasm, but it’s usually out of frame. Sometimes it’s just out of frame:

Or, sometimes you know it’s coming soon:

But the male orgasm in advertising is often there. What I like about the Davidoff ads, however, is there is no objectified woman involved, no required stimulus. The man does not even have a specific sexual orientation or identity. It’s just one man, a phallic object, and pleasure. And there’s nothing wrong with him enjoying himself.

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