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The continuation of fat stereotypes

September 9, 2009
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I know I haven’t written anything in a while, but this definitely inspired me this morning.  I was on youtube, preparing for my daily dance party of one, when I found this video.  I generally enjoy this blogger, because he’s snarky and entertaining, but he really pissed me off today.

Apparently, some famous girl from a reality show got fat and gained 15 pounds.  I don’t watch tv, so I did a little investigation. She was underweight and went into the normal weight category.  How terrible.  She finally stopped obsessing about exercising and entered the realm of ugly normal girls.  I’m exaggerating, but not really.  Yes, her eating habits were unhealthy, since she was using food to cope with her emotions in the artificial environment of a reality tv show.  However, she’s not fat.  She’s at a healthy weight, and I was relieved to read her quotes towards the end of the article about her body acceptance.

This youtube personality requested his viewers to post reply videos on how they treat fat/unattractive people, and here are some quotes.  I’m sure you’re not surprised.

“Sophie Reade is hot when she isn’t eating EVERYTHING!”

Hot girls don’t eat?  Or at least, not everything.

“I treat good-looking girls better than not so good-looking girls…I’m kind of more of a dick to them..I don’t know, I think it’s more like an evolutionary trigger…It just happens…When I look at fat people, I think ‘You’re an idiot…you have a disease’…yeah, I feel really bad…”

Yes, you should feel bad.  Now that you realize how poorly you treat people based on your shallow perceptions of the world, you should start being more respectful.

“Just because you’re fat, you look 10x stupider than me anyway…I saw a fat person exercising the other day and thought ‘eww’…”

Fat people are dumb and stupid.  Everything they do is disgusting.  How have we acquired these assumptions?  Who perpetuates them?  What is so satisfying about believing them?

“You don’t walk up to a fat person and tell them they’re too fat”

This girl was complaining that strangers approach thin people and tell them to eat.  This is a very valid point.  Why is anyone else’s health our business?  If so, when does it become our business?

“I’m fine with fat people…it’s the ignorant ones who won’t accept it, they’re douchebags.”

This girl went on to say that there are all sorts of insulting people, but she finds scantily clad obese people very offensive because they don’t accept the fact that they’re fat.  Personally, I find anyone underdressed for sexual attention offensive, but I do find muscled men running shirtless to be attractive.  So, it’s ok, as long as they’re good-looking, right?  I’m also guilty of this.

“Fat people SUCK!”

Thanks, bro.  Very articulate.

Fortunately, not all the replies are so heavily negative:

“You act the way you act and people treat you on that.”

“People can be fat, skinny, good-looking or not, an asshole is still an asshole”

“I just want you to know how shitty it was to say that a ‘normal-looking woman’ is ‘7th ring of hell ugly”’

This girl’s post did a great job of summing up my feelings.  The boy who asked for these replies, Phil, then wrote this under her video comments.

“I feel terrible for your current and future bf’s if this is how you react to jokes. Its a joke.”

Actually, jokes that insult the personhood of others are only hate and fear disguised as humor.

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