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Quick hit: Sex and Sports (two for the price of one!)

August 25, 2009

Blogger unusualmusic at The Angry Black Woman has a post up (with a GREAT collection of links and resources) on sex appeal and female athletes, American Women Athletes Part One: In which women athletes need to be sexy and heterosexual (preferably with child/ren and husband/boyfriend).

One of her links that I found particularly interesting reported on a finding by a bipartisan committee of Australian Senators that tight-fitting, revealing sports uniforms turn young women off from participating in sports.

Any female athletes (past and present) wish to share your experiences with sports uniforms?

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  1. Katherine permalink
    August 29, 2009 9:50 AM

    Choosing which uniforms the tennis team would spend their hard-earned, fundraised money on was always the biggest debate of the season. And almost always, the short dresses won out. My option for match wear as a high school tennis player was always a skirt or tight dress. Shorts weren’t considered.

    I never minded wearing them, but the hyper-feminine clothes are mostly what you see on female tennis players (from high school through the professional). At Wimbledon, players must dress in all white and female players have been scolded for wearing colored short shorts under their skirts (to hide their underwear and hold a tennis ball), as they show during match play and… well, I guess it’s a problem. Shorts aren’t forbidden, but they are so uncommon and female athletes face a huge amount of media coverage if they wear them during a major tournament.

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