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Coming soon: Male Body Week!

July 3, 2009

Because the Happy Bodies bloggers are all women, and we like to write from experience, most of our content has been focused on female bodies, leaving out half of the story. In order to remedy this, coming soon we’re going to have an entire week focused on male bodies, and we’re looking for submissions!

While we welcome submissions from anyone, we are particularly seeking the voices of self-identified men. Here are a list of questions we came up with, which you can choose to answer some specifically, or just use as a starting point for your submission:

What is your favorite Body part?
What part do/would you flaunt?
What part do you specifically check in the mirror?
Do you label anything on your body a “problem area”?

Can you think of a time when the way you viewed your body changed?

When are you most aware of your body?

Do you notice what body language you use in different situations?
Flirting? Professionally? Hanging out with your friends?

Do you workout? Why?

How have sexual encounters changed the way you view your body?

Have any comments about your body ever changed how you think about it?

How has the idea of virginity impacted how you view your body?

What do you think of depictions of hot men in the media?
Does it impact how you view your body?
Is there a body type you aspire to?

What did you father teach you about your body?
How did your family impact your body image?

How do you think others view your body?

How do the other aspects of your identity play out on how you view your body and how it is viewed?

How does the way you view your body change the way you view yourself as a man?

To submit, send the text to along with how you would like to be identified (either by name, quick bio, or anonymously).

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