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Weekly Roundup: Iran

June 17, 2009

I’ve been both fascinated and upset by the situation in Tehran surrounding the recent elections. Because I don’t feel educated enough on the subject to write intelligently about it, I thought I would just give some links of interest.

The Basics:
Although major news sources are reporting more vigorously now, keep up with recent news on twitter. Andrew Sullivan’s the Daily Dish also has live-tweeting the revolution. Also, because images can often tell the story, “The Big Picture” has photos from protests both in and outside Iran. I find these images of the protests really moving. The ability of just one’s physical presence to be a show of support and an effort towards justice is really exciting and empowering to me.
Oh, and what the Daily Show had to say.

It’s really important as feminists in the United States to keep up with and support the efforts of women worldwide. Jezebel has had a great series of photos from Iran featuring women throughout the election process.

They also had an informative post the day before the election on why it is so important to the women of Iran. The Christian Science Monitor also has an article on how women were cheated in the election, and double X writes about the link between democracy and women’s rights in Iran.

Zahra Rahnavard, wife of candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, has been a really inspiring figure for women. She has been active politically since the 1970s advocating women’s rights and galvanized young female voters particularly in this election. Find out more from Newsweek and The Guardian. Many are, rather annoyingly, calling here “Iran’s Michelle Obama”, and she reacted accordingly,

“I am not Iran’s Michelle Obama. I am Zahra, the follower of Fatimah Zahra [the daughter of the Prophet Muhammad]. I respect all women who are active.”

There’s plenty more info out there! Add links in the comments if you have important articles or media that you think should be shared.

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