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Midweek pick-me-up

June 11, 2009

Summer is the season for dance parties (as is every other season). But if you plan to attend such parties, here’s some dance guidelines to follow to make sure you keep things appropriate.

In case you happen to be in Michigan in the 1920s: (Via Sociological Images)

Or in Michigan today for my high school’s prom:

Specific Dancing Guidelines
No ‘dirty’ dancing
• You may not bend over, place your hands on the floor or wrap your legs around another person.
• Students may not pull dresses above the thighs or wear trousers below the waist. The exposure of private parts is strictly prohibited.
• No groping.
•Students may not dance in a manner that simulates sexual acts. Grinding and/or sandwich dancing will not be allowed.

No dangerous dancing
• Students may not ‘bang’ bodies or body parts
• Body ‘passing’ is prohibited
•Students may not engage in flips or other dangerous dance moves.

Dance Removal
•Students may be removed if they are rude to chaperone, non-compliant to requests, engage in a verbal or Physical fight or refuse to abide by guidelines, policies and rules.

•If a student is suspected of being under the influence or in possession of illegal substances, school and/or Police intervention will occur. Please note that students suspected of being under the influence of alcohol may be given a Breathalyzer. Disciplinary action will be in accordance with the Rights and Responsibility Booklet.

Isn’t the comparison of what is considered “lewd” dancing really interesting? Also, I’m really amused by my highschool’s attempt to describe “dirty” dancing – it’s actually updated, back in my day, we were technically not allowed to lift our feet off of the floor.

Keep it clean.

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