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Discussion: Your body, on drugs

May 21, 2009

Ok, sorry for the afterschool “special episode” title, but this post is to ask the question, which I’ve been think a lot about lately: Can (or how can) you be body positive on drugs? Alcohol or any other substances taken recreationally, alter the state of your body, it’s functionality, and your control. I don’t think it fundamentally changes your personality, but it definitely exacerbates certain aspects of it.

I personally know that I drink because of the way it makes me feel – it gets my mind off stress and allows me to relax and have fun, although drinking certainly doesn’t make me have fun. I have had experiences where I’ve drank too much; not only does it make my body feel awful, it general leads to mistakes (or just embarrassment) for my personal life. Sometimes I worry that any recreational drug and alcohol use is helping myself socially, and debatedly mentally, with my body bearing the cost. Is that ok?

Can recreational drug and alcohol use ever by body positive?

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