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Artfully Yours: Liz Alspach

May 14, 2009

I wrote the first Artfully Yours post a few weeks ago about artist Becky Alexander and her breast bowls. This piece is about another Carleton artist, Liz Alspach and her senior art project.

First, A SHAMELESS PLUG: To see Liz and Becky’s work in person, please join the art majors for the Senior Art Show which opens tomorrow (Friday, May 15th) at 7pm. There will be exhibits in both Boliou Hall and the Art Gallery (basement of the Concert Hall) and the pieces will remain on display until graduation (June 13th).

Liz and I sat down earlier this week to talk about her senior art project (called “comps” for those of you non-Carls). Liz took plaster casts of various body parts from herself and her friends and then made incredibly-thin clay transfers of each cast. The results are astounding. Please watch the video below to hear Liz talk about her project and see images of the pieces.

Liz decided to do this project when she realized that she spent a lot of her “blank time” thinking about her body, and often being critical of it. Her work seeks to reconceptualize the figure (both male and female) by showing accurate representations of real bodies, that is, bodies that have not been idealized or changed to fit society’s norms. She hopes that this project will start conversations about how our bodies really are and start to break down some of the ideas about what bodies “should” be like. And isn’t that exactly what this blog is about?

Artfully Yours,

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