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Weekly Roundup: What makes our bodies happy.

May 5, 2009

Jane is on a bit of an Ani Difranco kick right now. She also really likes this academic study of body image, self-esteem, and eating disorders.

Carolyn enjoys the Sound of Music performed in Antwerp station:

and thinks this video is just wonderful.

Becky likes these Feminist Cookies, for people who think they deserve one.

and went to Art in Bloom at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, in which florists made floral arrangements inspired by works in the museum.

Jill found a new blog that she thinks is really cool: You’re Reading Too Much Into It, which is about media, feminism, Shakespeare, and everything cool. In particular, this post really caught her. She also just bought this dress for David’s prom which she’s so into:
Finally, duh, It makes her feel kind of domestic to obsess over which color of plates to buy (dark lilac, at the moment), but won’t lie and say it’s not amusing.

Emily’s into This is Indexed, a cute blog that uses charts to “make fun of some things and sense of others”, Google Chrome, a new browser she’s using, sarah.of.a.lesser.god’s post on hair, Evil Slutopia’s post on Hugh Jackman’s sexuality, and the new Target Women.

Amanda found this great yoga website. It’s made by three ladies out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She really loves that the emphasis is not seeing physical changes in your body but rather becoming a whole, spiritual person and learning how to control your emotions by controlling your body in order to live better in our stressful world.Here is a picture of the three women, Neesha, Sarah, and Adi (left to right) in baby dancer pose, which is one of her favorites.

yoga today

The website offers a new, free yoga class every day. They run ads every now and then, but their main goal is really to get people into yoga who maybe can’t afford classes because it’s a wonderful, life-changing type way to exercise your entire person.

Nikoleta is REALLY digging Gina Loring. She’s a slam poet and she gives her chills. Some of her favorites:

What makes your body happy this week?

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  1. May 5, 2009 4:38 PM

    -Blasting this song when I walk to class (embedding disabled).

    -Absorbing sunlight and turning it into Vitamin D.

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