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Speak Up: Sexual Violence at Carleton

May 4, 2009

The Gender and Sexuality Center at Carleton does a lot of great work for sexual violence prevention. This week is Speak Up: Sexual Violence at Carleton and I encourage you to take the time to think about how you can support survivors in your community and establish community standards for the treatment of our bodies.

Carleton’s Pledge Against Sexual Violence
1. I will establish meaningful consent with a partner before engaging in sexual activity.

2. I will interrupt conversations that promote a culture of sexual violence.

3. I will intervene when I see potentially dangerous situations.

4. I will have the courage to confront my peers when their judgment is impaired.

5. I will support survivors and help to create a survivor supportive environment.

6. I will recognize the power of my voice and my actions to prevent sexual violence.

Schedule of Events:
I encourage you to attend all of the events, especially the Speak Out on Thursday.

Tuesday May 5th

Everyone Speaks:
An open conversation about living with sexual assault in our community.
Goodhue Superlounge, 5:30pm

We are complainants, respondents, witnesses, survivors, friends andpeers. What do we need to be saying to each other? An open, facilitated conversation about how sexual assault and the sexual misconduct policy has impacted our experiences at Carleton. Pizza provided.

Thursday May 6th

The Speak Up
The Bald Spot, 7:30pm

Meet on the Bald Spot (Chapel sanctuary in case of rain) to hear students read their stories of how they have been affected by sexual violence. Followed by a tying of ribbons in solidarity and informal conversation in the Chapel.

Survivor’s Circle
Chapel Basement Red Room, 9pm

Tuesday May 12th

How it Can Hurt and How it Can Empower
Sayles 252, 12pm

A common time discussion about language and sexual violence.

Wednesday May 13th

Policy Workshop
Alumni Guest House, 5pm

The Policy Workshop will be a place where people from around the Carleton community can came together to formulate their own ideas about of how to change (or discover to a rationale for) specific aspects Carleton’s policies, procedures, and processes around Sexual Misconduct.

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