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Artfully Yours: Becky Alexander

May 1, 2009

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of installments about artists on campus who are using their work to explore the relationship between bodies and art. Artfully Yours will highlight these artists and how they are promoting body positivity through their chosen medium.

I recently interviewed art major Becky Alexander about her senior project which is a series of “breast bowls” that will be displayed soon at the Senior Art Show. For this venture, she measured the breasts of around 30 women and then made bowls that would contain exactly the volume of each breast. Each woman got to choose a glaze that she felt represented her to go on one of her bowls. Becky then chose a glaze for the other bowl that she thinks shows something about that woman.

The results are beautiful and my interview with Becky was a pleasure. We talked about the relationship of the bowls to the actual bodies that they represent, the constraints that society puts on our bodies, and the multiple levels of representation of self that can be expressed through art. Becky speaks much more eloquently about her work than I ever could, so please watch the video I made using the audio recording from the interview and photos of the bowls.

With this project, Becky is literally turning breasts inside out. She has taken a physical feature that is so often oversexualized in women, and shown how these body parts relate to the whole person that they belong to. By putting into these bowls objects, colors, shapes, and words that represent who we are as people, Becky is reclaiming our breasts as a locus of female identity and breaking down the social norms that seek to alienate us from our bodies.

To see the bowls in person, please join Becky and the other art majors for the Senior Art Show which opens on the evening of Friday, May 13th. The exhibits will be in Boliou Hall and the Art Gallery (in the basement of the Concert Hall) and will remain up until June 13th.

Artfully yours,

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  1. Jill permalink
    May 1, 2009 1:37 PM

    Wow, that is so amazing. I really liked the way Becky combines the physicality of the breast, and its beauty just as it stands, with the essence of the person in a variety of different ways. This is such a fantastic, thoughtful, meaningful project.

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