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How’d You Find Us?

April 26, 2009

We are always interested to see what search terms bring people to our blog, and our search history over the past few weeks has been nothing if not entertaining. Many, many people found us by searching “happy bodies” or something similar, which is exciting! But some of the other search terms that have led people to Happy Bodies are worrisome, weird or just downright hilarious.

Some are more or less logical:

the body shop fat model
susan boyle rocks [our top search of all time, actually]
plump women paintings
poem of woman
where are the norms of what is beautiful
postmodernism capitalism body
barbie vs real women
sausage wallet definition
college not thin and pretty enough [:(]

Some are a little stranger:

i dont like sausage
light skinned women for wives [???]
are the majority of women offended when [when WHAT? If you have to ask, the answer’s probably yes.]
shameful of pleasure
breast in man mouth
annie’s mac and cheese

And our favorite search yet:

carleton college boobs

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