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Susan Boyle

April 15, 2009

Via Alas, A Blog.

There’s a very popular video on Youtube right now of of Susan Boyle, a contestant on “Britain’s Got Talent”, an American Idol-style reality show. This is Susan Boyle:

Susan Boyle rocks!

At first glance, she seems like one of those contestants that are allowed to perform at the first stage of auditions so that the judges can mock her (see Keith Beukelaer or William Hung.) And from the video below, you can see that that’s exactly what the audience expected. She’s shown eating, talking about how she’s never been kissed and is then introduced to a laughing audience. But when Boyle opens her mouth, no one is laughing:

Video here. The song starts around 1:45, but the judges’ and audience’s reactions to Susan before that are worth watching too.

The judges and audience looked totally shocked that this woman, bigger than is acceptable in show business, unstylish, in her late 40s, could sing like this. But now Boyle is a sensation around the world and on Youtube. The support for her is phenomenal (she already has a fan club!). Partly, I believe, this comes from her sassy attitude and her humble self-confidence. But people also seem to like her for the exact reason that she was mocked on “Britain’s Got Talent”: she doesn’t fit our ideal of what a talented woman should look or act like. The fact that Boyle, who isn’t young, thin, blonde, “hot”, romantically successful or any of the traits we usually associate with celebrities is refreshing. That she is so confident and positive despite not fitting into what society tells her is the mold for an attractive woman is energizing. I hope she does well in the talent contest and that she continues to be her happy, wonderful, beautiful self.

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