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C’mon get happy

April 13, 2009

A group of us got together to make posters in order to advertise a new body positivity discussion group on campus. We used images from all sorts of magazines – from Cosmo to the Economist – to cut out and add commentary to. It was not only a great way to begin questioning media representations of beauty and body, it was also incredibly cathartic. Sometimes it feels good to just tear out offensive advertisements and just write “STOP”. Posters like these went up all over campus and I have salvaged a few to show off on the site.
Fitting In
Before & After
Media Bodies

For more of our weekly ads, check out our whole slideshow.

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  1. Emily permalink
    April 13, 2009 6:52 PM

    Anyone at Carleton who wants to join in our next round of poster-making (and I agree with Becky: it’s SO fun) is welcome to come to our meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10 pm in WHOA (Chaney House). We’d love to have you!

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