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I Decide

April 7, 2009

When Carleton put on Eve Ensler’s “The Vagina Monologues” last February, we wanted to get people to think positively about owning their sexuality. Our sexual desires and activities should not be dictated by magazines, movies, our friends or even our sexual partners. We alone have the power to decide what feels and is sexy to us.
To that end, we asked our friends, roommates and ourselves the question “What makes you feel sexy?” and postered the campus with some of the answers. We also made posters with the tagline “I decide what is sexy to me.” Here are a few examples of the ones I made:

I Decide



I think of sex positivity and body positivity as very closely connected. They’re both rooted in personal power and agency and in our ability to own our thoughts and emotions, both publicly and privately. If we are able to define what is sexy, beautiful, or pleasurable for us–and are able to step outside of the narrow definitions of sexiness, beauty and pleasure given to us by the people and media that surround us, we work towards celebrating difference, loving our own and others’ bodies and knowing that we deserve respect.

For more posters from this campaign, see our slideshow.

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